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Ventura AirConnect - CachedAirconnect is the nations first intra state operation. Starting with 2 Cessna Grand Caravan, the latest generation full glass cockpit commuter aircraft. Our vision is ...

MP to offer air connectivity between major cities in state - Cached1 Apr 2011 – The state government today signed an agreement with a private company Ventura Airconnect Pvt Ltd for the purpose, MP State Tourism ...

Airconnect is the nations first intra state operation. Starting with 2 Cessna Grand Caravan, the latest generation full glass cockpit commuter aircraft. Our vision is to give connectivity with the state capital to the remote airfields of the state which are not connected. Providing a comfortable flight with 9 individual seats. These connections will provide easy accessibility to the cities with tourist interest places
 and also the business potential cities.
The traveler connecting these cities within the state can get connection with all cities in India and abroad. Our aim is to provide connections to all cities within each state airports which is non operational.

BHOPAL: The cities of Madhya Pradesh mainly Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur and Gwalior will now be connected by air taxi services.
With the aim to give the tourism sector a further boost in Madhya Pradesh, air taxi services will be introduced between four major cities in the state from today.
Ventura Air Connect Private Limited launching this service in association with the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC).
The first flight takes off from Bhopal’s Raja Bhoj Airport on Tuesday. Two nine seater aircrafts is pressed into services for this venture. MPTDC chairman Mohan Yadav said, “”This is for the first time in the country that the air taxi services will be provided by any state in the tourism sector.”
Also the company also plans to start air services to popular tourist destinations in the state such as Pachmarhi, Kanha, Khajuraho and Ballabgarh to cash on the rich tourism potential of these places.
Similar to air taxi services to be introduced in Madhya Pradesh, heli services have been recently introduced in the state of Karnataka at important tourist destinations such as Hampi.
Besides promoting tourism, the introduction of air taxi services between the four major cities of the state will also help in the business and economic sector by reducing loss of time.

Air Taxi service has been started between Jabalpur &
 Bhopal city. Now one can travel from Jabalpur to Bhopal
 in approx. 01:00hours. From 08/Sept/2011, this
 services has been formally started. Chief Minister of
 State announced the formalcommencement of this service.
This service is run by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism
Development Corporation in collaboration with Ventura
 Ariconnect. Similar service will also connect all 4
 major cities of Madhya Pradesh State i.e.
 Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior & Jabalpur. In India, Madhya
Pradesh is the first state to begin such service to
 establish better connectivity for business & tourism
development in state. Seating capacity of given air-craft
 is 12.
Public response against this service is good and company
is getting customers as per their expectation.
Actual distance between Jabalpur & Bhopal is about 350kms.
 Usually it takes 7 to 8 hours to cover this distance by
 road and about 06:00hrs by train. With this facility we
can cover the distance in just 01:00hours with comfort.
 If we see this in broader way, it connects wildlife
tourism sector of Madhya Pradesh with pilgrimage sector
of Madhya Pradesh which is a great achievement of Madhya
Pradesh Tourism Department.

About Us Airbus
Airconnect is the nations first intra state airline operation. Starting with 2 Cessna Grand Caravan, the latest generation
 full glass cockpit commuter aircraft. We will be adding
2 Aircraft’s every alternate month and have plans to
acquire 19 aircraft fleet in 3 years time. We will be
starting with 8 flights a day with each Aircraft and fly
upto 10 flights a day, thereby flying up to 30,000 seats
per year, per aircraft. With 19 aircraft’s, we will fly
approximately 4,94,000(four lakh , ninety four thousand)
passengers each year.

Our vision is to give connectivity with the state capital to the remotest airfields of the state which are not connected. Providing a comfortable flight with 9 individual seats, with safety being of utmost importance. These connections will provide easy accessibility to the cities with tourist interest places and also the business potential cities. The traveler connecting these cities within the state can get connection with all cities in India and abroad(both morning and evening). Our aim is to provide connections to all cities state capital which is non operational.
The Caravan is an all weather, first class, air conditioned turbine engine aircraft built in Wichita, Kansas. It has built a solid reputation worldwide for reliable and safe operations in all environments, with more than 1.900 aircraft built.

The Caravan has proven superior in remote operations with a powerful and reliable Pratt & Whitney turbine engine for short field operations and extra heavy suspension, which is suitable for many destinations in India.

The Cessna by Design series offers rare insight into what makes Cessna the most preferred personal and business aircraft in the world. From the high-tech design of our pilot-friendly flight decks and airframes to the exquisite craftsmanship and refined taste of our cabin interiors, each installment in the series highlights the little-known qualities that make a Cessna a Cessna.

We offer a single isle interior with single seats on both side of the isle giving a clear view outside with big window screen.

Cessna Grand Caravan has the latest fully Glass Cockpit to take care of all weather operation flights. With more than 11 million fleet hours under its massive, stalwart wings, the Cessna Caravan has set legendary standards for a workhorse aircraft. Yet this phenomenal performer is far from content to rest on its hard-earned laurels. In today’s Caravan, there are even more tools to help you get the job done. A next-generation glass cockpit and a new anti-ice system empower you to venture with even more confidence. So climb aboard. Fire up the ultra-dependable, 675-horsepower Pratt & Whitney turbine engine aircraft.
Encyclopedia - Cessna C208 Caravan

The Cessna 208 Caravan was conceived in 1980/1981 as the first turboprop-powered general aviation aircraft. It was designed to replace ageing utility aircraft such as the Beaver, Otter and other Cessna aircraft. The prototype Cessna 208 Caravan I first flew on 9 December 1982, and FAA certification followed in October 1984. More than 1,000 units have already been delivered.

The Caravan is a high-wing, single turboprop powered aircraft with either fixed tricycle undercarriage, skis or floats with retractable gear. It can either be fitted out to carry cargo or passengers, capable of carrying up to 13 passengers. Some variants also include a cargo pod under the belly for additional cargo or baggage. The Caravan is certified for single pilot operation.

Some of the Cessna Caravan’s roles include being a short-range airliner, cargo feeder and utility aircraft. Military operators include Brazil, Chile, Iraq and South Africa.

Cessna Model 208 Caravan I
First Flight : 9 December 1982
Country of Origin : USA
Number Of Engines : One
Powerplant type : Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114 turboprop engine
Max Power Rating : 477kW (600shp)
Length : 11.46m (37ft 7in)
Height : 4.32m (14ft 2in)
Wingspan : 15.88m (52ft 1in)
Wing Area : 25.96m2 (279.4sq ft)
Empty Weight : 1,752kg (3,862lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 3,629kg (8,000lb)
Max Speed At Cruising Level : 184kt (341km/h; 212mph)
Maximum Range : 970nm (1,797km; 1,117mi)
Service Ceiling : 27,600ft (8,410m)

Crew: Professional 2 crew in cockpit with industry leading experience, trained and professional maintenance crew.

 Uttam Kumar Bose, Managing Director & CEO of Ventura Airconnect -India’s first Non Schedule Air Operator with regular flight connect the state capital with the smaller cities which are not connected- Uttam Kumar Bose is amongst World’s very few Airline CEO’s who had been heading a full service airline for continuously for 14 years in India.

Uttam Kumar Bose started his career way back in 1979 with Sahara India Pariwar and his strong acumen for Public Relations, Marketing innovations, Aggressive sales and positive thinking helped him grow instantly with Sahara India Pariwar where he performed extra-ordinarily and was selected to head Air Sahara ( formerly Sahara Airlines Ltd. ) and he Launched Air Sahara in December 1992. Management by profession, Uttam Kumar Bose has become a legend in Indian Aviation scenario by his keen acumen for Perfection, style, class act and brilliant Man management .
During the Air Sahara tenure, he immediately Re-Launched the erstwhile Sahara Airlines to an overhauled and Brand conscious Premium Airline since 1992 and had been instrumental in shaping the Commercial flying in India.

Mr.Bose with his unique approach to Aviation Marketing, Operations and absolute Management has been awarded with innumerable Awards for his entrepreneurial skills both in India and Overseas. He has also been the First Aviation CEO in India to launch Apex /Advance Purchase Fares ) Fares in India, which changed the face of the Indian Aviation and got recognized Globally. He has been awarded the PATA Gold Award for his innovations in 6 Coupon – Sixer scheme, which took global aviation by storm.

Besides the same Mr. Bose has been accolodaded with several Aviation awards which he steered for Air Sahara. During his tenure between 2001-2004, India saw an aggressive Airlines launch – Air Sahara which completely culminated from him. He also introduced for the first Time specialty service levels and in 2004 received 14 Certifications of ISO 9000 and then awarded for the same. Other innovations included Business Lounges for Air Sahara in all cities, First Time in Aviation History- Bid-N-Win, Auction in the air, which became the most Talked after unique service, was entirely done by Mr. Bose. The concept of Dynamic Pricing was introduced by Him for first Time in Indian Civil aviation history. An ardent Golfer and Aviation enthusiasts Mr. Bose lead from the front as the CEO of Air Sahara for more than 13 years and in this long innings has brought in several factors of Aviation Management for the first time in India and has been a successful role model for any Airlines. He has been extremely effective and during his days Air Sahara reported continuous growth and profitability and was recorded to be Black. He also garnered privileges to be the Pioneer to start – India’s First Private Passenger service to SAARC, ASEAN, Europe and US under Air Sahara banner. He took the airline from 2 Boeing 737-200 to 24 aircraft fleet of B 737-700 & 800 and Bombardier CRJ 200.

With Ventura Airconnect as the Managing Director he has taken up the challenge to start first time a new concept of Non Schedule air operation with the state govt. support with a Concept build-in and sound Business plan proposes to start operation from July 2011, for which he single handedly heading the assignment.
Mr. S.K. Jain, the Head of Engineering, Ventura Airconnect, is a brilliant Engineering Graduate from IIT,Roorkee (earstwhile famous University of Roorkee) and Post Graduate in Business Management (MBA) from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University with the aviation experience of over 40 years.

Mr. Jain has started his aviation career as a Graduate Apprentice in 1970 with Indian Airlines (Air India), the National Air Carrier of India. He acquired all the qualifications and Airframe and Engine licences on Boeing 737, Airbus A-300 and Airbus A-320 Aircraft. His hard work, sincerity, dedication and devotion to his profession have made him to rise to the level of Executive Director, Engineering and retired in 2003.
During the above period he has been responsible for various engineering departments/divisions of the Indian Airlines and immensely contributed for the development of the engineering infrastructure and technical human resources with a long term perspective. He has also been the General Manager (Engg.), Flight Safety Department of Indian Airlines where a large number of proactive initiatives were taken by him towards safe maintenance and flight operations.
It may be mentioned that with his experience he has laid foundation for a strong engineering base of Alliance Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian Airlines, as its Executive Director, Engineering.ATR 42-320 Aircraft, the first aircraft of its type, was inducted in Alliance Air successfully within extremely critical time-bound schedule wherein whole engineering project planning, implementation and development of technical resources was done meticulously.

He continued with his pursuits and passion for Civil Aviation after his retirement from the National Air Carrier. He has been contributing by being at senior level of Engineering Management (Executive Director/Director of Engineering) in various Private Airlines. Presently he is Heading the Engineering Department of Ventura Airconnect and putting his endeavours for smooth induction of Cessna Grand Caravan 208B Aircraft and subsequent operations.
Dynamic and multi-skilled Commercial Pilot and a Flight Instructor holding Diploma in Fares and Ticketing awarded by ABTA UK. He is highly motivated with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the national / international Airlines operations and Travel Industry Management.
His work experiences include First Officer CRJ-200 with Sahara / Jetlite ,currently not flying due to having had the Angioplasty in Jan 2007. From Oct 2000- Dec 2006 he worked as a Sales Manager with Jetair, UK London responsible for Office Administration, Business development, Sales and Marketing throughout UK. Further from Aug 1999 - Sep 2000 he worked as a General Manager in Medicall Travel in UK taking care of Business Administration and development. In Nov 1995 till Jul 1999 he worked as a Free-lancer Travel Management Consultant. Beyond this he has worked as a First Officer B737-200 East West Airlines from Sep 1994 - Oct 1995. He has also worked as a Free lance Flight Instructor in USA, as a Duty Manager/ Assistant Operations Manager in Nigeria Airways, UK and as a Reservation and Ticketing officer in Air India, UK.
He is capable of Strategic Planning, Office Management, Resources and Logistics Management, Liaison & Networking. He has handled general administration, recruitment, manpower handling, HRD & Flying-Operations. He has also dealt with Relationship Management, Training & Development, Multiple Aircraft Operations, Cross Functional Coordination, Team leadership & Management Streamlining Procedures.

Our Fleet
We will be adding 2 Aircraft every alternate month and
have plans to acquire 19 Aircraft fleet in 3 years time.
We will be starting with 8 flights a day with each
Aircraft and fly up to 8 flights a day, thereby flying up
to 30,000 seats per year, per aircraft.
With 19 aircraft’s, we will fly approximately 4,94,000
(four lakh , ninety four thousand) passengers each year.

When you fly for business as a corporate traveler you get the benefit of flying at a special fare, no matter what the fare is on your day of booking and travel. Flying Airconnect you have the space for working on your laptop because you get single seat flying advantage on all Airconnect flyights. Hurry and get your company endorsed as corporate company.

Plan your holiday with as a group and take the advantage of fare. For group booking you need to book minimum 3 passengers for getting the advantage in fare. Book in advance and travel with ease.
Flight schedule:

This is a nice, and incredibly descriptive, description of the image 10.jpg(morning flights)

Flight                  Departure            Arrival

Indore-Bhopal      7:00                        7:35
Bhopal-Gwalior     7:45                        8:50
Gwalior-Bhopal     9:05                       10:10
Bhopal-Indore      10:15                       10:50

(afternoon and evening flights)

Flight                  Departure            Arrival

Indore-Bhopal     3:15                      3:50
Bhopal-Jabalpur   4:00                      5:00
Jabalpur-Bhopal   5:10                      6:10
Bhopal-Indore     6:20                      6:5

A,, Air taxi to , India's First AirTaxi,Madhya Pradesh.

For Athorized Ticket Booking Center-
Contact-Asiatic International
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